Hello, I'm Pascal Chambon, a.k.a Pakal de Bonchamp, your expert in python/web development and devops.

My contact information is in the resume below, feel free to get in touch!

My LinkedIn Profile (FR) My Freelance Resume (FR)

My Creative Universe

Besides information technologies, I like all kinds of arts, creative leasures, and civic commitments, so you'll find links to some of my personal/associative projects below.

Witness Angel Initiative

My concept of write-only personal dashcam, to ensure that truth wins in judicial cases, while protecting the privacy of all citizens. Sources are on the WitnessAngel Github page.

Technical Essays

These Freecodecamp articles summarize my hard-earned lessons regarding subjects like API stability, error handling, software gems & fads, etc. Most importantly, you might want to check my rant on why REST is the new SOAP.

Open Source Modules

My utilities for safe file operations, transactional systems, long-term software compatibility... and a few contributions to Django plugins and the likes.

Little Big Adventure Relentless Movie Project

In my early years I spent a lot of time as webmaster, manager and 3D modeler on this (now defunct) megalomaniac project. The numerous assets created in the process are still available for download.

Chrysalis RPG (FR)

My series of role-play games (as tabletop, mystery-party and alternate reality), with a dedicated Django web portal (Pychronia) and a sheet generation/checking toolchain (Pychronia Tools). Sources are on the ChrysalisTeam Github page.

Philosophy Blog (FR)

This series of essays details the humanist thoughts of a fictional creature (the Tikami) on society, justice, ethics, leisures, and other topics.

Book on Religion

This lengthy philosophical essay brings a new perspective on opposite doctrinal trends inside Judeo-Christian religions.

CLIVRA Association (FR)

I contribute to numerous conventions, events, and roleplay games, as a board member of this Steampunk culture association.

Democracy and Scampi (FR)

An online mini-game showing how the different kinds of voting systems impact what we call "democracy".